Sean Kinney is a public school teacher and coach, as well as a student of

Tang Soo Do. He and his three children study martial arts at Mendes Martial Arts in Taunton, Massachusetts near their hometown. Sean possesses degrees in both education and leadership and is a licensed educator/school administrator for grades K-12 in MA. He loves working with children, athletes, and helping 

those around him to achieve their personal bests. Whether you are a martial artist, a parent of a martial artist, or simply someone who enjoys sharing a

good story with the special child in your life, Sean hopes that you will find the

Karate Kids™ series full of fun, humor, and a spark to put you on a quest to be your best.   ~ Tang Soo



Melissa Kinney has always adored the arts.  Whether coloring as a child or painting as an undergrad student, she has always loved to create.  Not knowing whether or not she would attain success in the field, she decided to pursue her interest at Stonehill College, with the fortunate support of her parents, and earned her Bachelor of Arts.  Melissa has since developed her own graphic design business, while raising her own three young dodos, and is continuing her education in Web Development and Design.  Although graphics and technology is a medium in which Melissa enjoys working, she feels there is no substitute for the feel of paper and pencil, and was grateful to have the opportunity to become a part of this series.


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Karate Kids Collection™ 2017

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